1005, 2024

PTAC Pre Meet Information

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Here are the meet schedule & warm-up assignments and the timing assignments for the meet.Attachment file hereRemember, all the 400s are in the mid-sessions.X-Cel check in time are:Friday PM 4:30 All agesSat AM 7:30 12/UnderSat Mid 12:10 All ages 400sSat PM 2:00 13/Over Sun AM 7:30 12/Under Sun Mid 11:55 All ages 400sSun PM 1:45 13/Over Most our warm ups are at 2nd, we need hand in the check in sheet before. Please be on time.   Session 1All   Fri PMLane 5 Lane 6 5:25-EndZihe [...]

1203, 2024

2024 NJS & Scarlet Gold Championship

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Parents timing assignment info: Link Session 2 13/Over Friday AM Lane 7 7:30-9:30 Gabriel Colon 9:30-11:00 Yalong Zhang 11:00-End Allen Ma Session 3 12/Under Fri PM Lane 7 1:25-3:00 Maddie Yang 3:00-4:30 Hannah Bellows 4:30-End Aryahi Pimple Session 7 12/Under Sat PM Lane 7 1:55-3:30 Emily Wu 3:30-End Berina Guo Session 8 13/Over Final Sat Final Lane 5 6:30-End Whoever make finals Session 11 12/Under Sun PM Lane 6 12:55-3:00 [...]

703, 2024

13 & Over Silver Championship Pre Meet Info

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Docs: Meet info: Link Due to the small amount of entries received for the 13 & Over Silver Championship meet this coming weekend, there have been significant changes made to the meet format. The meet will be held in 1 pool. The changes include: 1) Elimination of the Friday night Distance Session. 2) 500 frees have been added to the main sessions on Saturday 3) a distance session has [...]

2602, 2024

13/Over Bronze Pre Meet Info

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Docs: Meet timing: Link Warm up: Link About parking: Link Parents timing assignment: Link Dear parents, Here are this weekend 13/Over bronze meet info. Here is Xcel parents timing assignment. Please help do your duty. Sat AM  13/14   Lane 3 7:45-9:30       Aarya Arte 9:30-11:00      Rishabh Detta 11:00-Ennd      Ashwa Shreenath Sat PM  15/Over Lane 6 1:30-3:30       Adidi Lande 3:30-End        [...]

1902, 2024

12 & under Silver/Bronze Championship Pre Meet Info

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Docs:Meet timing: LinkWarm up: LinkAbout parking: LinkParents timing assignment: LinkDear parents,Here are coming weekend 12/Under Silver meet warm up and parents' timingassignment. Due to the 4  timers need for each session. Most familiesget timing assignment. Thank you for all your help.Sat AM        10/Under        Lane 38:30-10:30      Evelvn Colon    Jeseph Liu10:30-End       Flora Tang      Ella LiuSat PM  11 & 12 [...]

2801, 2024

PTAC Kickoff Pre Meet Information

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Here are X-Cel parents timing assignment this week. Please do your duty.Sun AM 12/Under               Lane 1                                    Lane 28:50-10:45                          Luke Zhong/Nicole Ren       Vivaan Dattani/Eira Xu10:45-End                    [...]

801, 2024

2024 PTAC Tiger Invitational Pre-Meet Information

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Here [1] is the timing and warm up for PTAC’s Tiger Invitational at Princeton University next weekend.The host team require 2 timers/lane.Sat AM/12 under Lane 58:00-10:00 Yuning Su Eya Tured10:00-11:0 Aarya Landa Megha Sureshkumar11:30-End BeiChen Qi Harry SuSat PM/13 over Lane 63:45-5:45 Omkar Deshpande Nihal Singh5:45-7:15 Rishabh Datta Ashwath Shreenath7:15-End Ishan Garud Yusuf KurbetdinovSun AM/12 under Lane 77:30-9:30 Ella Liu Oona Shevorv9:30-11:00 Zeynep Aydinliyim Ethan Zhang11:00-End Aarahi Pimple QingYang XuSun [...]

611, 2023

Congratulations to Daniel Baytin made The USA-S Scholastic All American Team 2023

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Congratulations to Daniel Baytin made The USA-S Scholastic All American Team 2023! Daniel Baytin has being named to USA Swimming Scholastic All America Team third year in a row! SAA Team members must maintain minimum 3.5 GPA for the current academic year and have a Winter Junior National (or faster) qualifying time during the SAA qualification period. XCEL had 14 swimmers qualified for SAA team over the year (2003-2023). [...]

2103, 2023

The Benefits of Competitive Swimming

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Cultivating discipline and time-management skills Competitive swimmers acquire the skill of balancing their training, practices, and meets with other responsibilities like work or education, all while ensuring they get enough sleep. This juggling of multiple commitments helps them become more organized and skilled in prioritization, enabling them to achieve their goals efficiently. Although it may take time and effort to identify an optimal schedule, adhering to a consistent [...]

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