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1. Procedures

How are swimmers accepted on the team?

The Coaches and the Board of X-Cel have determined that swimmers will be accepted on the
team in the following order of priority:

(1) Current members of the team have first priority.
(2) Siblings of current members of the team have second priority.
(3) Non X-Cel swimmers who have demonstrated a high level of age group
competency have the third level of priority.
(4) All other non X-Cel swimmers have the fourth level of priority.

Within each of categories 2, 3, and 4 above, added consideration will be given to those
swimmers who have participated in one of X-Cel Swimming’s ancillary programs.
The acceptance of swimmers in categories 2, 3, and 4 above is
subject to availability in the X- Cel swimming level in which the swimmer will participate.
Currently, X-Cel divides its swimmers into three levels, with Level 3 having the
older swimmers of the highest competency. In addition, X-Cel seeks to maintain a balance of
swimmers in each of the USA Swimming age groups.

What differentiates the three levels of swimmers?

Level I is the beginning level; Level 2 is the intermediate level; Level 3 is the advanced level.
Within Level 2 and Level 3, there are two groups. Swimmers are placed in the
appropriate level and group by the coaches based on age and swimming ability.

Who determines the X-Cel swimming level of each prospective swimmer?

Either the Head Coach or one of the coaches he/she appoints determines the level of the
prospective swimmer. This is done by a review of the prospective swimmer’s
application, and a “try-out” swim in front of the Coach, if necessary.

Who determines the number of swimmers at each level?

The Head Coach in conjunction with the Board of X-Cel determines the number of
swimmers at each level.

2. Application

We pride ourselves in delivering the best environment to our swimmers

Please fill out the application completely, including the swimmer’s best times. Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed. Following the review, you will be notified about availability on the team, and the possibility of scheduling a “try-out” swim. Please note that submission of the Application Form does not guarantee a position on the team.

Upon acceptance on the team, the Registration, Medical, and Parent and Swimmer Responsibility Form must be completed before a swimmer can begin to practice with the team. The form should be completed electronically, and then printed and signed. Both an electronic copy and a signed paper copy of the form needs to be received by the team.

The completed electronic copy must be emailed to