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X-CEL Media Day is coming!

We would like to have X-CEL Media Day some time before the X-Cel LC meet in June (TBD).

The pictures are as follows:
a portrait in an XCEL t-shirt,
a picture in an XCEL swimsuit,
a picture in an XCEL team jacket,
a picture of siblings and/or friends on the team together (2 swimmers),
a picture of a relay (4 swimmers) in each age group (10&under, 11-12, 13-14, 15&over).

However, all gear needs to be ARENA XCEL team gear as we now are an official ARENA-sponsored swim team.

If you would like your pictures taken during X-CEL Media Day, please place your order at metro swim website before April 21st:

#mediaday #ARENA

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